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COMMERCIAL: £5 clearance sale!

Limited stock of Adidas training wear available for just £5 in the club shop

13 May 2021

Today we can announce a superb offer for our Accrington Stanley supporters with many lines reduced to just £5!

Stanley's Commercial Manager, Daniel Bowerbank said: "With our retail store open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, why not come down and grab a bargain.

"The Adidas training range is superb and for an amazing price of only £5 on selected lines, you don't want to miss out!"

Our retail store has COVID-19 restrictions in place and face masks must be worn whilst in the shop, with only four people allowed in the retail store at anytime.

The club shop's current open times can be found below:

  • Monday - Closed
  • Tuesday - Closed
  • Wednesday - 10am - 2pm
  • Thursday - 10am - 2pm
  • Friday - 10am - 2pm
  • Saturday - Closed
  • Sunday - Closed

Please note, we will not be restocking the below lines and these offers are not available online.

Adult Polo Shirt (£5)

White - XS (x14), S (x4)

Red - XS (x3), S (x15)

Junior Polo Shirt (£5)

White - 5/6 (x7), 7/8 (x5), 9/10 (x5), 11/12 (x4) and 13/14 (x7)

Red - 5/6 (x6), 7/8 (x5), 9/10 (x6) and 13/14 (x6)

Adult Training Shorts (£5)

Black - M (x1) and XXL (x5)

Junior Training Shorts (£5)

Black - 5/6 (x2), 7/8 (x3), 11/12 (x7) and 13/14 (x7)

Adult Rain Jacket (£5)

Black - S (x3), M (x1) and L (x1)

Junior Rain Jacket (£5)

11/12 (x1) and 13/14 (x1)

Adult Training Top (£5)

Black - S (x4) and XXL (x2)

Red - XS (x4) and S (x3)

Junior Training Top (£5)

Black - 5/6 (x4), 7/8 (x4), 9/10 (x5) and 11/12 (x2)

Red - 7/8 (x1) and 9/10 (x4)

Adult Training Top With Stripe (£5)

Black - XS (x4) and S (x1)

Junior Training Top With Stripe (£5)

Black - 5/6 (x2) and 13/14 (x2)

Adult Leisure T-Shirt With Patch (£5)

Red - XS (x2)

Grey - S (x1)

Adidas Football (£10)

Size 5

Please note, you can also order all other merchandise online HERE.

We also have our personalised store with a range of items from baby grows, dog coats, bench coats, bags and much more!

To have a look at our personalised online store, please CLICK HERE.

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