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Customer Charter

Our customer service contacts are:

Jo Ashton

Tel: 01254 356950


Robert Houseman,

Supporter Liaison Officer

Accrington Stanley FC,

Wham Stadium,

Livingstone Road, Accrington,


Tel: 07754665730

Accrington Stanley FC is proud of its history. Accrington FC were a Founder Member of the Football League in 1888. We, as a whole, endeavour to ensure that all fans, customers and associates at all levels of the club are treated without prejudice and with the upmost respect.

Our aims for the upcoming season is to continue to improve the current club complaints process and to continue to provide a matchday experience for fans to enjoy regardless of the result on the pitch.

While we will make all efforts to satisfy all fans needs throughout the season, in the event a fan feels we have not reached the standards required, they only need to contact the club and we will investigate and make the necessary improvements.

The club will acknowledge contact from a customer within 3 working days. However, in most cases, we will endeavour to send an initial response, acknowledging receipt within 48 hours. The club would normally respond by letter and this may take up to 21 days if further investigation is required. If the customer requests a response by either telephone or email he/she will receive one.

Meetings are available by prior appointment.

In the unlikely instance where a customer is not satisfied by the club’s response, please contact:

The Independent Football Ombudsman, Premier House,

1-5 Argyle Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 2AD Tel: 0800 588 4066


Accrington Stanley Football Club Complaints Policy

Policy Statement

  • Accrington Stanley Football Club (‘the Club’) welcomes comments and complaints from all members of theClub’s community and from the general We use this process to improve our services to stakeholders,football supporters, and the wider community in which we exist.
  • Accrington Stanley Football Club is committed to the continuous improvement of the services it We do however recognise that there may be occasions whereby we don’t meet an individual’s requirements or expectations. For these reasons it is our policy that all complaints should be;
  • Treated seriously and in an open manner
  • Acknowledged immediately, preferably in writing
  • Investigated
  • Resolved, wherever it is reasonably practicable, within no longer than 4 working weeks
  • Used as feedback to drive the continuous improvement of the Club


2.1. This policy applies to all members of the Club community but does not replace staff procedures for disciplinaryand grievances. Any complaints or concerns raised which, in the Clubs opinion, may have potential safeguarding implications will automatically be referred to the Designated Safeguarding Officer orSafeguarding Senior Manager for management in line with the Clubs Safeguarding Children and Young People Procedure or Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Procedure as appropriate.


  • All Club staff have a responsibility for receiving complaints, treating them seriously, and dealing with thempromptly and courteously in accordance with this
  • Relevant department managers have a responsibility for investigating and resolving complaints, relative to their area of knowledge and
  • The Managing Director is responsible for resolving complaints which have not been resolved during theprevious two The decision made by the Managing Director is final.
  • The Board is responsible for ensuring that this complaints policy and procedure is operating effectively and may become directly involved if a complaint is directed against the Managing Director or Board

Actions to Implement and Develop Policy

  • Stage 1

The Club expects complaints to be made informally to a member of staff in the first instance. Where this is notpossible, or does not result in a satisfactory resolution, the complaint should be submitted in writing asfollows;

  • via email to
  • via post to Supporter Liaison Officer, Accrington Stanley Football Club, Wham Stadium, Livingstone Road, Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 5BX

The Club usually expects complaints to be made by the person concerned. However, it will considercomplaints made by a parent, carer or advocate.

Anonymous complaints cannot be investigated. However, where there is a potential safeguarding risk these will always be referred to the Designated Safeguarding Officer or Safeguarding Senior Manager.

All complaints will be forwarded to either the Supporter Liaison Officer or Designated SafeguardingOfficer, who will acknowledge receipt within 5 days. A manager within the Club will then be identified toinvestigate the complaint and respond as appropriate.

  • Stage 2

The relevant manager will respond in writing within 7 working days, explaining what has happened as a result ofthe complaint. Where this involves a member of staff, specific detail of any action taken will not be madeavailable. This is to ensure our staff are afforded appropriate confidentiality and dignity at work.

If the complaint requires further investigation that cannot be carried out within

7 working days, the investigating manager shall keep the complainant informed and indicate the expected timescale for a response to be given.

  • Stage 3

If the complainant is dissatisfied with the relevant manager’s response, then the complaint will be forwardedto the Managing Director to resolve.

The Managing Director will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 2 working weeks and a final response will be sent within 28 working days to allow time for further investigations to be carried out where appropriate.

  • Independent Football Ombudsman

If the complainant is still dissatisfied, they have the right to submit a complaint to the Independent FootballOmbudsman (IFO).

Complaints should be submitted in writing as follows;

Monitoring and Evaluation

The Club will maintain a confidential record of all complaints, appeals and outcomes. Information from these records will be used to promote continuous improvement and learning outcomes for the Club. Anonymised data will be provided to the Board from time to time for review.

Accrington Stanley Football Club is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all vulnerable groups who attend our premises or are in our care; this includes children, young people and adults at risk. Should your complaint be of serious nature, or you wish to report an incident of serious nature, please contact our Head of Safeguarding, Mark Turner, via email at



Club employees aim to conduct themselves in a courteous, co-operative and responsive manner in alldealings with supporters treating all persons equally.



The club encourages supporters to express their passion and support for their team at The Wham Stadium in a safe, secure and enjoyable environment. The Club is therefore committed to preventing people from behaving in a manner likely to jeopardise the safety and enjoyment of others, or to bring discredit on the Club or the community of Accrington.

If the Club becomes aware of any person having been convicted of a football related offence (whether at the Club’s ground or otherwise) or having been in serious breach of any of the Club’s ground regulations, it will, in consultation with Lancashire Constabulary or the relevant Police Authority in the case of an away game, make a decision as to whether that person should become subject to a Club ban.

If the Club considers that a supporter or person has been behaving in a manner likely to jeopardise the safety or enjoyment of others or may bring discredit on the Club or the community of Accrington at home or away fixtures it will make a decision as to whether that person should become subject to a Club ban. In exceptional circumstances the club may also consult with the ASFC SLO & GSO before any ban comes into effect.

Each case will be judged on its own merits and the length of any ban will depend on the severity of the offence and/or the breach of the Club’s Ground Regulations. The individual will be invited to a meeting to receive the reasons for the ban and given the opportunity to set out any mitigating circumstances.

Any person made subject to a Club ban will have the right to appeal to a committee of arbitration compromising members of the ASFC Board of Directors. The procedure for which appeal is available from the Club’s Company Secretary. The person will also have the right to be accompanied and represented by another person of their choice.

Any season ticket holder who becomes subject to a Club ban may forfeit the right to a part refund on their season ticket for any remaining games in the season for which they have been banned.



The club publicises its position on major policy issues in a user-friendly manner, via the club’s match dayprogramme and the official club’s website. The club has and continues to develop ways to consult withshareholders, sponsors, season ticket holders and other interested parties. The club gives the earliestpossible notice of any changes to its ticketing policy and the reasons for the changes.



The Wham Stadium operates a strict smoke free policy within the stadium. Smoking – including cigarettes, pipes, cigars, herbal cigarettes, e-cigarettes and any other substance (whether containing tobacco or not) – is prohibited in line with EFL regulations. 


Any customer who is not completely satisfied with any item purchased from any of the Club’s concessions within the stadium and has a reasonable reason for complaint will receive either a replacement item to the same value or a full refund, which will be of the customer’s choice.


The club will provide information on replica strips stating their launch dates.

The club carries out its obligations under EFL regulations to prevent price fixing in relation to the sale of areplica strip.


Supporters not entirely happy with purchases from Accrington Stanley FC, should return it in its originaland unused/unworn condition, along with any wrapping and proof of purchase within 28 days.

We will exchange the item or offer a full refund in line with your receipt.

We regret we are unable to exchange/refund the following, unless the goods are faulty: Personalisedgoods e.g. printed shirts, mugs etc.

Accrington Stanley Football club are also unable to offer any exchange/refund on printed shirts should theplayer leave the club or his squad number changes during his career at Accrington Stanley Football Club.

The policy does not affect your statutory rights.     Accrington Stanley Club Shop Tel: 01254 356950


Accrington Stanley FC are working to ensure we are GDPR compliant, therefore by joining as a season ticket holder, or match day ticket purchaser, or attending any event inside the Wham Stadium, you agree to the GDPR terms & conditions below.

  • ASFC will retain your details on our database for a period of one season, that being the 2018/19 season
    • Use of this data will be solely for the marketing and promotion of ASFC products, fixtures, games and events and it’s Partners/sponsors
    • You have the right to be forgotten (removal from database) at any time by contacting referencing RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN
    • You have the right to object and prohibit the use of your data by contacting DATA OBJECTION
    • Incomplete data will not be stored on our database and therefore you will not receive offers, news, promotions in respect of your purchase
    • You have the right to access and learn how your data is being processed and how by contacting referencing RIGHT TO ACCESS
    • You have the right to request your data is transported to another data controller/purchaser, if required
    • No other Accrington Stanley FC data is accessed by any other Processor.
    • With respect to the data of an under 16 year old, Accrington Stanley will only contact the parent/guardian of the young person via the data supplied.
    • No payment details are held at Accrington Stanley or through our Processor.
    • By attending an event or fixture at the Wham Stadium, Accrington Stanley reserve the right to record footage, or take pictures for use on ASFC publicity materials. In the event you do not wish for this to be utilised this is the responsibility of the ticket holder to inform However, if your image is part of a large crowd we will not be able to remove your image from this therefore having purchased a ticket you consent to your image being utilised.


Any person who is arrested for a football related offence whether home or away and convicted of thatoffence at court will receive a banning order from the Wham Stadium at the discretion of the Club’s boardof directors. The ban may be reviewed on request after a period of five years has elapsed. Persons breaching ground regulations may be requested to sign an ‘Acceptable behaviour contract’ before beingallowed to watch matches at the Wham Stadium.


Accrington Stanley Football Club believes that children must be protected at all times.

We fully support and comply with the Football Association with regard to the safeguarding of children andvulnerable adults. We believe every child should be valued, safe and happy. We want to make sure thatchildren at Accrington Stanley know this and are empowered to tell us if they are suffering harm. Wewant all who work with us to have confidence and recognise that we are a safe organisation.

We will achieve this by having an effective safeguarding children procedure and follow the Football ClubChild Protection Policy.

Children under 12 are not permitted inside the stadium on matchdays without an adult. 


Inclusion and Anti-discrimination Mission Statement

Accrington Stanley is committed to inclusion and confronting and eliminating discrimination whether by reason of age, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital status or civil partnership, race, nationality, ethnicity (race), religion or belief, ability or disability, pregnancy and maternity whilst encouraging equal opportunities.   These are known as ‘Protected Characteristics’ under the equality act 2010.

Equality Policy

The Football League is responsible for setting the standards, values and expectations of all Clubs in relation to equality, inclusion and diversity. Football is for everyone; it belongs to and should be enjoyed by anyone who wants to participate in it, whether as a player, official, staff member or spectator.

The aim of Accrington Stanley’s Equality Policy is to promote our own equality objectives and in doing so, help to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and with respect. All Accrington Stanley representatives should abide and adhere to this Policy and to the requirements of the Equality Act 2010. In doing so, we are working towards being legally compliant in relation to equality legislation.

Accrington Stanley’s commitment is to promote inclusion and to confront and eliminate discrimination whether by reason of age, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital status or civil partnership race, nationality, ethnicity (race), religion or belief, ability or disability, pregnancy and maternity and to encourage equal opportunities. These are known as ‘protected characteristics’ under the Equality Act 2010.

Accrington Stanley will ensure that it treats everyone fairly and with respect and that it will provide access and opportunities for all members of the community to take part in and enjoy its activities. Every staff member, board member, official, spectator, visiting fan and visiting team can be assured of an environment in which their rights, dignity and individual worth are respected, and in particular that they are able to work and watch football in an environment without the threat of intimidation, victimisation, harassment or abuse.       This Policy is fully supported by the Board of Accrington Stanley and David Burgess (Managing Director) is responsible for the implementation of this policy.

Complaints and compliance

Accrington Stanley regards all of the forms of discriminatory behaviour, including (but not limited to) behaviour described in the Appendix as unacceptable, and is concerned to ensure that individuals feel able to raise any bona fide grievance or complaint related to such behaviour without fear of being penalised for doing so. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against any employee, member or volunteer, spectator or fan who is found, after a full investigation, to have violated the Equality Policy.

Positive Action and Training

Accrington Stanley is committed to equality inclusion and anti-discrimination as part of The Football League’s Code of Practice. Accrington Stanley will commit to a programme of raising awareness and educating, investigating concerns and applying relevant and proportionate sanctions, campaigning, widening diversity and representation and promoting diverse role models, which we believe are all key actions to promote inclusion and eradicate discrimination within football. This Equality Policy will be reviewed and updated, if required, on an annual basis.

This policy will be applicable to:

The advertisement of jobs, the selection of candidates for employment or promotion, job location or workingenvironment, pay and employment terms and conditions, internal training and development activities, internal and external coaching and education activities and awards and football development activities. Theclub will not tolerate sexual or racially based harassment, or other discriminatory behaviour, whether physical or verbal.

The club supports the bodies of the Football Association on their commitment to develop a programme ofongoing training and awareness raising events and activities in order to promote the eradication ofdiscrimination within football.

At Accrington Stanley we employ in excess of 50 stewards on a match day and one of their primaryroles is to monitor supporters’ language. Any so-called supporter who persists in using racist language,which constitutes a criminal offence, faces being ejected and banned from the stadium. Every match day programme carries a warning about foul language and racist chanting and, if the situation dictates, we will make extra announcements over our public address system as well as including extra reminders and warning in our club publications.


Disabled fans, both wheelchair and ambulant, are admitted at the standard ticket price for their age bracket. Where assistance is required in the form of a PA (Personal Assistant), the PA is will be offered afree of charge carer’s ticket.

Proof of disability when purchasing a ticket is required in order to qualify, having:

Receipt of the medium to high rate Disability Living Allowance (mobility or care component)


Receipt of Enhanced Rate P.I.P (Personal Independence Payment)

NB: Proof required may change depending on alterations to current legislation regarding the benefit payments system. Receipt of a Blue badge will not be considered sufficient proof of disability.  It is the responsibly of the supporter to inform the club of any changes in their circumstances

A total of 22 wheelchair bays are available for spectators in the main stand. On match days these will beequally shared between home and away fans that require a wheelchair bay. As the wheelchairaccommodation is located in the main stand which is for home supporters, all supporters home and awaymust contact Accrington Stanley Football Club to book these bays in advance.

There are also 28 seats in our stand for ambulant disabled supporters split equally between home and away supporters.



Limited parking is available for disabled supporters at the stadium at a charge of £5.00 per match. There are seven disabled parking spaces available for home and away supporters in total. To secure a parking place please contact the club up to 24 hours before the match. To book a space please call 01254 356950. 


The club receive a large number of charity requests. We do not give away free of charge signed footballs orshirts however if a charity wishes to purchase an item we will have it signed by the first team players.Requests should be sent via email to or by post to the club at the address atthe top of the first page.



The Accrington Stanley Community Trust run sessions on week days and during school holidays for moreinfo see The club is committed to developing all possible links with the localcommunity. Promotions and initiatives to encourage supporters from all walks of life will be offered on anon-discriminatory basis.


Accrington Stanley will comply with EFL regulation 127 in the following manner:

  • The Club will hold at least two meeting/fans forum in conjunction with the OSC per season to whichthe supporters (or representatives) are to be invited to discuss significant issues relating to the Club.

The dates and times of these meeting will be advertised on the Club’s official website and in thematch day programme.

2)   The club with be represented by the Club’s majority shareholder, a board director or similar seniorexecutives.

3)   Individuals cannot be excluded by the Club without good reason.

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